Spirit of Navarathri.

Navarathri (nava-nine ,rathri-nights) is a festival conducted all over India with the tenth day being vijayadashami. during this 9 day period goddess durga worshiped in various styles based on the location.
In Tamil Nadu the tradition is to arrange a golu in the house. some houses which have the tradition of having the golu for the navarathri arrange the dolls in a steps like arrangement. the dolls may be any thing like the avatars of goddess durga or the forms of vishnu or some thematic scenes.
last week i had been to many golus at various houses and temples.  i had taken some pictures of which i’m giving you a glimpse of some.
(a pattern made of 9 types of pulses, fruits and flowers at a temple)
(a scene of Lord Shiva in the Kailas mountain)
(the statues which are beautifully arranged in the steps )
( dolls and a chariot arranged to show a temple scene)