MOVIE: Enthiran /Robot 
CAST: Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa, Santhanam, Karunas.


Enthiran is that movie which India cinema has been waiting for.  Shankar’s magnum opus, with a mega casting strikes a chord with the audience. Super star Rajnikanth and gorgeous Aishwarya Rai together with a impressive technical crew has charmed the entire world. The techno mood sets in right from the title song. 

           Rajni fits into the role of the creator (Dr. Vasigaran, the scientist) and the created (Chitti, the Robot) with ultimate ease, while ash looks all the more beautiful as sana the medical college student. The story revolves around Dr. Vasi and chitti, the robot, “Processor – 1 TeraHZ. Memory – 1 Zetta Byte.” This is one robot which is programmed to do all the tasks. Further research by Dr.Vasi induces feelings into the bot bringing along a hoard of troubles. Along the way comes the baddy prof. Bohra (Danny Denzongpa) the scientist who tries to use chitti for his gain. Rajni’s villainous act as chitti (version 2.0) has awed the audience and it makes us think that none but Rajni could have done this role.  This all lead to the ultimate climax where we witness the gripping fight which makes us wonder if we are watching a Hollywood movie.
           Setting up platform for comedy are santhanam and karunas, who along with chitti rocked the first half of the movie and had people laughing out loud. Chitti casts a spell over the audience and has the audience falling for its innocence. The second half of the movie is the highlight. 

          The spectacular Visual effects Stan Winston Studio (their credits: jurassic park, predator, terminator, iron man, avatar) provided the plus. Some scenes are really good while some scenes could be kept in check so as to reduce the length of the film. The music scored by A.R.Rahman adds to the splender. The “Arima” is a treat to the eyes and it’s grandness captivated the audience. While “Kilimanjaro” just brought down the speed all of a sudden. But the machu pichu, peru (one of the world wonders) is very beautifully shown in this song. 
           Overall the movie has lived up to its hype. This has set a milestone for Rajni, setting his already high benchmark even higher. Kudos to the Endhiran a.k.a robot team!

  • Shankar-Rajni-Rahman combo
  • Comedy by Santhanam, Karunas.
  • Graphics by Stan Winston Studio,
  • Neat cinematography

  • Only the length of the film and some songs which were speed breakers and hindered the progress of the story. 

Overall Rating : 4/5

Bottom line: a must watch film for Rajni fans. DOT!