the thursday challenge!

This Thursday challenge is “Construction”. And i was excited the moment i read the topic 😀 this was one topic sculpted for me! (don’t start pelting stones at me ;))
we had done a model of a building showing the ways in which it could be made “green”. our class as a whole accepted the work and we started of planning.:d once done with it we got all the plywood, paints, nails, saw, hammer, markers, etc. then started the best part putting the plan together.:rainbow :$ we had a group of girls marking the lines for doors, windows, ends of walls, etc. and the boys taking the saws in their hands. have a look at it… 8)
stage 1: discussing the plan and marking. 8|
stage 2: nailing the plywoods together and painting them (1st coat)
stage 3: after second coat of paint our “building” is transferred from the “manufacturing” site to the final site.
our final product! :h
back elevation.
dedicated to the whole class who enjoyed doing it 😀 III year civil students of MSEC… this is for you 🙂