lessons from Lord Ganesha!


(a 1810 A.D. painting )
Some of us worship Lord Ganesha. Some of us at least see his picture very often. for those who don’t know Lord Ganesha/ Ganapathi/ Pillayar is revered as the Remover of Obstacles. the elephant headed God is worshiped at the beginning of any work. it is said that the work will be a success if done so. 

There are a few lessons we could learn from Lord Ganesha’s anatomy. In this post i’m sharing the few of those which i heard some years ago. 

Big head: think BIG!
Never restrict your thoughts to certain well defined boundaries. open your mind and think about the millions of opportunities that are open to you.

Small Eyes: Concentrate on the goal.
Never waver from your goal. Be like Arjuna, who when asked to aim at a wooden bird with his arrow, told his guru that all his attention was on the bird’s eye only.

Large Ears: listen more.
Never assume that you are the all knowing one around. There are people around you with a far more extensive knowledge and by listening to what they have for you you can raise you intellectual level more.

One tusk: Retain the good. Throw away the bad.
one must accept the fact that no one is perfect but one can inch slowly towards that perfection by retaining all good thoughts,habits and discarding all bad stuff.

Trunk: be adaptable and highly efficient.
This is mainly about the survival of the fittest concept. To be successful one has to be adaptable to his environment.

Small mouth: Talk less.
A well known fact-” Empty vessels make more noise”. so quit the waste talks and do something more productive.

Axe: cut of all bonds of attachments.
Never let the bonds of attachment to hold you back from your goal.

Rope: pull yourself to your goal.
channel all your efforts in one stream, towards your goal and propel yourself forward.

Large stomach: Peacefully digest all good and bad that comes in life.
Learn to accept both the good and bad in life the same way.

Mouse: Desire.
Unless it is kept under control it causes havoc.you ride it and keep it under control. don’t let it take you for a ride.

Modaka (the prasad): rewards for your work. 
Really yummy 😉 and worth all the efforts put in for it.