Hi after long… And introduction to my new blog! :)

Hi All,

I had a lot of hobbies like dancing, singing, writing, etc. At different phases there were different hobbies which were most prominent. When i was in school, I was well known by everyone as dancer, during college I started blogging and mainly covered news articles related to construction industry in crazyengineers.com. After that came the phase of preparing for my MBA entrance exams, and the 2- year MBA as well. Though this was the most difficult phase, it helped me in many ways. 🙂 But this 2- year penance (i’d like to say it that way 😉 ) made me sacrifice a lot in return for all the good that I was to receive. I had altogether stopped writing, dance classes were long forgotten, any extra time was used to catch up with some sleep, as MBA meant sleepless nights, endless deadlines, individual and group projects strangling you at once. :p And at last i’m done with this MBA!! 😀 *cheering self*

So I am back to having a lot of freetime in hand and to put this to some constructive use I started wondering what I could do. I was quite decent in sketching when I was a kid. So I decided to take a few days lessons and start with another hobby now!


So I thought it’d be a better idea to start a separate blog to put up my art works and so I introduce to you….

Niru’s Studio (www.pencilsncharcoal.wordpress.com)

Hope you guys will like my work there and support me! 🙂

Apart from that i’m joining work this July and will soon be travelling a lot! So more hope that I might continue writing more frequently here 😀 I’m not going to leave my empire abandoned, am I? 😉


Civilprincess a.k.a. Niranjana