Sayonora 2011! Welcome 2012!

Now there is minutes before 2011 bids us good bye once and for all and 2012 comes in to take its place! 🙂

Lets leave behind all the regrets and sad moments and fill the space with Happiness, joy and Love! Lets welcome the new year with open arms and full of hopes! 🙂



I pray that all of you have a happy and a prosperous year ahead 🙂 🙂

Happy new year friends! 😀

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Hello visitors of civil empire,

I hereby proclaim this wordpress blog as my casual retreat.  All are welcome to enjoy yourself in this province too.

Enjoy the flow of words! 🙂

P.S: Sorry about the over-pompous-royal-tone 😉 The times at the civil empire has changed me. 😀

You can still find me at Civilempire too when i’m in my engineering mood 😉


happy birthday!


  Today me and my sister celebrate our 20th birthday :party:e
she is very special to me and i want to dedicate this post to her and wish her a happy and wonderful 20th birthday :h
have a great year ahead sis! :O
P.S: she’s written a post in her blog on our 20 years experience of sustaining in each other’s presence. it’s totally crazy… :r


Happy Festival of Lights!

hello fellow bloggers 🙂

Happy Diwali! :e

this is one festival i await eagerly. my favourite part is watching the fireworks light up the sky in the night. celebrations have already begun around my house. and I’m sure most of you would be starting the celebrations very soon at your houses very soon. so enjoy the week long celebrations along with friends and family. 😀
have a safe and happy diwali.
P.S: The early wishes is because i may not be able to blog that day owing to the work at home and exams will be round the corner. 😉

Spirit of Navarathri.

Navarathri (nava-nine ,rathri-nights) is a festival conducted all over India with the tenth day being vijayadashami. during this 9 day period goddess durga worshiped in various styles based on the location.
In Tamil Nadu the tradition is to arrange a golu in the house. some houses which have the tradition of having the golu for the navarathri arrange the dolls in a steps like arrangement. the dolls may be any thing like the avatars of goddess durga or the forms of vishnu or some thematic scenes.
last week i had been to many golus at various houses and temples.  i had taken some pictures of which i’m giving you a glimpse of some.
(a pattern made of 9 types of pulses, fruits and flowers at a temple)
(a scene of Lord Shiva in the Kailas mountain)
(the statues which are beautifully arranged in the steps )
( dolls and a chariot arranged to show a temple scene)

the Flintstones…


A nice place called bedrock… with a nice family called the Flintstones. They are the central characters of this cartoon. their neighbor and best friend is Barney Rubbles. The kind of life they live in the stone age with a tinge of technology (in the form of animals for washing, ironing, electric razor, etc.), is the main theme of this cartoon series which is my all-time favourite :).

The cartoon that started being aired on September 30, 1960 turns 50 today 🙂 It was created by  William Hanna  and  Joseph Barbera. 

Happy birthday Flintstones 🙂