Hi after long… And introduction to my new blog! :)

Hi All,

I had a lot of hobbies like dancing, singing, writing, etc. At different phases there were different hobbies which were most prominent. When i was in school, I was well known by everyone as dancer, during college I started blogging and mainly covered news articles related to construction industry in crazyengineers.com. After that came the phase of preparing for my MBA entrance exams, and the 2- year MBA as well. Though this was the most difficult phase, it helped me in many ways. 🙂 But this 2- year penance (i’d like to say it that way 😉 ) made me sacrifice a lot in return for all the good that I was to receive. I had altogether stopped writing, dance classes were long forgotten, any extra time was used to catch up with some sleep, as MBA meant sleepless nights, endless deadlines, individual and group projects strangling you at once. :p And at last i’m done with this MBA!! 😀 *cheering self*

So I am back to having a lot of freetime in hand and to put this to some constructive use I started wondering what I could do. I was quite decent in sketching when I was a kid. So I decided to take a few days lessons and start with another hobby now!


So I thought it’d be a better idea to start a separate blog to put up my art works and so I introduce to you….

Niru’s Studio (www.pencilsncharcoal.wordpress.com)

Hope you guys will like my work there and support me! 🙂

Apart from that i’m joining work this July and will soon be travelling a lot! So more hope that I might continue writing more frequently here 😀 I’m not going to leave my empire abandoned, am I? 😉


Civilprincess a.k.a. Niranjana


I become more philosophical…

I have my own reasons to firmly believe that whatever happens in our life is for good!
In May, when i was initially wait-listed 209 in IIM-Indore, that made me loose confidence and take up IIM-Trichy (Next option that i considered). I was scared to wait and lose IIM-T. the fear made me not wait for another year too. I chose to enroll in IIM-T and i can’t believe I am going to say this. But “I am glad I chose it”.


It has been 4.5 months since i came here. There has been mixture of emotions ever since I came here. there has been times i wanted to leave this place for good and go home… Times i missed my parents, sis, friends and Chennai  There has been infrastructure problems here along with all that i was already going through to make me get mad at times. My parents, sis and friends (here and at home!) had to listen to me whine and complain then. Sure they were great support! 🙂
But on the other hand there has been more good times too! First time i was away from home. People here have been very kind and considerate towards me. These make me feel that all hope is not lost. As months passed by, I found more new friends who have been making me feel good about the place. A close group of friends who always accept you for what you are makes you feel good. When you know that there are more people out there who are also friendly and make you feel comfortable it is a nice feeling. This place does have many nice people! 🙂

Day before yesterday for the first time since I came to Trichy I danced Bharathnatyam! A real pleasure. Though i was not feeling well and could not give my best, people have been very kind and appreciated me well and all that makes me feel that “Yes, like the coin has two sides, every thing has good and bad attached to it. It is best if we look for the good and ignore the bad”. This is so true! 🙂
When i was continuously rejected for 3 times by different companies for my summer internship, I had totally lost confidence and i became desparate for a job. but my family, friends and seniors kept motivating me and it really did help me. God knows how much i tortured everyone :p Thank god for all the nice people around me! 🙂 Finally I have got placed in one of my dream companies which i thought was impossible after all the rejections by other companies.
November 1st- A day i’d never forget! 🙂 🙂 I got my first job offer (just for summer internship though 😉 ). Thanks to all those who have been supporting me!

“To all those who feel that nothing is right in life… Just wait. remain positive and the tough phase will pass. Whatever happens is for good. look for the good stuff and oppurtunities around you. “

P.S: That’s the update from me after a REALLY long time. The hectic schedule at B-School has made it tough for me to blog. But i sure hope that i would be able to blog more frequently in the coming days. 🙂


Standing Tall!

This pic was clicked few months back at a temple in Tamil Nadu. This temple Gopuram (which are gateways through the walls that surround the temple complex, found in most of the South Indian Temples.) rises high and stands majestically!

Gopuram (Temple Entrance)


P.S: this is also an entry for the Thursday Challenge DOOR (House, Barn, Gate, Entrance, Cellar, Car,…)

the thursday challenge!

This Thursday challenge is “Construction”. And i was excited the moment i read the topic 😀 this was one topic sculpted for me! (don’t start pelting stones at me ;))
we had done a model of a building showing the ways in which it could be made “green”. our class as a whole accepted the work and we started of planning.:d once done with it we got all the plywood, paints, nails, saw, hammer, markers, etc. then started the best part putting the plan together.:rainbow :$ we had a group of girls marking the lines for doors, windows, ends of walls, etc. and the boys taking the saws in their hands. have a look at it… 8)
stage 1: discussing the plan and marking. 8|
stage 2: nailing the plywoods together and painting them (1st coat)
stage 3: after second coat of paint our “building” is transferred from the “manufacturing” site to the final site.
our final product! :h
back elevation.
dedicated to the whole class who enjoyed doing it 😀 III year civil students of MSEC… this is for you 🙂

My first Architectural plan

i had done some drafting of floor plans for my uncle earlier. but this was the first time i did it with full enthusiasm and this is more professional than the earlier ones. but this is not the best plans. this is the best for students like me 😀 these were not planned by me. i just did the drafting part.:) here are some screen shots of the draft in autocad.

ground floor plan
first floor plan