the thursday challenge!

This Thursday challenge is “Construction”. And i was excited the moment i read the topic 😀 this was one topic sculpted for me! (don’t start pelting stones at me ;))
we had done a model of a building showing the ways in which it could be made “green”. our class as a whole accepted the work and we started of planning.:d once done with it we got all the plywood, paints, nails, saw, hammer, markers, etc. then started the best part putting the plan together.:rainbow :$ we had a group of girls marking the lines for doors, windows, ends of walls, etc. and the boys taking the saws in their hands. have a look at it… 8)
stage 1: discussing the plan and marking. 8|
stage 2: nailing the plywoods together and painting them (1st coat)
stage 3: after second coat of paint our “building” is transferred from the “manufacturing” site to the final site.
our final product! :h
back elevation.
dedicated to the whole class who enjoyed doing it 😀 III year civil students of MSEC… this is for you 🙂

My first Blog post in CE VoiCE!

I have been regularly reading the articles published in the CE-VoiCE which is the official Blog of the Crazyengineers website. I had wanted to write blog posts on the civil engineering topics at the VoiCE and so submitted my first blog post.

Here it is : The Pearl Bridge

Guys do read it 🙂 that’s construction project is engineering at it’s peak!

The thing i liked the most about it is they employed their own country men for all jobs right from the foremen to the project head. Even the softwares and technology they used were what they invented themselves. They didn’t depend on the best people from other nations and took the job in their own hands. That’s what i admire about these Japanese. And they mad it a point to have precision to the millimeter scale in this project. 😀 ISN’T THAT GREAT ENGINEERING?


My first Architectural plan

i had done some drafting of floor plans for my uncle earlier. but this was the first time i did it with full enthusiasm and this is more professional than the earlier ones. but this is not the best plans. this is the best for students like me 😀 these were not planned by me. i just did the drafting part.:) here are some screen shots of the draft in autocad.

ground floor plan
first floor plan


Civil engineering is the mother of all engineering say some. I’d say civil engineering is the other name for innovation. One sees innovations coming up in all new constructions around us. Each and every building rising around us have a unique feature in them and are each a marvel. Nowadays “spectacular” is the bench mark for any new construction. 

If we take the world’s tallest man made wonder every one can immediately name burj kalifa. The unique feature in this is the height and looks. But we all know that engineers don’t stop with one endeavor. He tries to break his own record. Now the plan to construct the building taller than this is underway. Another wonder is the capital gate of Abu Dhabi. Though it is a mind blowing wonder it was not as popularized as the previous one. This capital gate was built as the “world’s farthest leaning man made tower”. Civil engineers have creators of today’s world and taken the nature’s job in their hands. The artificial palm islands of Dubai stand an example for this. The recent Indian wonder is the bandra worli sea link. One can go on listing the recent marvels of civil engineering.  

A big salute to the engineers who have put in a lot of effort to build these wonders and set new bench marks for others to cross in construction field.

Here is one poster that I and my friend designed to explain.