the art of saying "No!"

what would you do if you were a salesman at a grocery store and a customer walks upto you and asks you for some item and you do not have stock of that item at that time? what would your reply be?

well some may just say a simple “no sir we do not have it now.”.

but so many people find a negative reply to be a bad sign for the rest of the day. that too when they are purchasing some stuff for a pooja or something. :@

but is there any other way to say a no?

well there is! i recently discovered it. when my dad had gone to a sweet shop to purchase sweets for diwali and when he asked for jilebis , the salesman said that he had ladoos. at first my father was like ” did i ask it right?” :brow but it was then we realised that was his way of saying no in a positive way.

great thinking no? :b



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