of what use?

this was one story my physics teacher told me when i was in my 6th standard. though it has very little physics in it the incident is worth the time you will spend reading this post.

The incident: discovery of electricity.

In 1752, Franklin is said to have performed the famous experiment of flying a kite during a thunderstorm, which led to the discovery that lightning and electricity were somehow related. and that was the first step towards the life we lead today. so franklin was excited with his find and wanted to exhibit it and he went to the court of the then ruler (i actually forgot the name of the king though 😉 ) anyway, when he displayed it to the king the king was skeptical to the find and asked this question : ” of what use is this find to the people “. and franklin said ” this is just like questioning, ‘of what use is a new born to the community?’ “. you never know what the kid will grow into similarly you may never know what may come out of what every one calls a simple find. 

i’m not talking about the scientific researches alone here, never underestimate anybody or any idea. 🙂

think about it… 



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