Is this engineering?

>i’m annoyed at the way we are made to study engineering.

there is nothing that i’m learning worthwhile 😦 it’s only in the exam point of view and not in the life point of view. the engineering is something i need to remember for a life time and not forget within just one semester.
but i’m not generalizing each and every college in the country… just some like my college. 😦 and on statistics, my college has been placed number one among the affiliated colleges in my state for Civil Dept. so i hope you get the scenario.

We are made to learn the problems by writing them some number of times (I hate to call it… “Imposition“) instead of getting the basics right and then proceeding, that too in the structural design paper. This is not the way I want to learn engineering. The trainings we took up at the construction sites, for some two weeks during the summer, proved to be more fruitful than two years of my engineering put together. 
i’m seriously considering quitting my engineering and joining as an apprentice at some construction site, at least that way i’l get the knowledge i want and do some real engineering. 😉 *just kidding*


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