The Lost Symbol – book review

This is one book that created all hype before it’s release. Reason: the previous books of Dan Brown were best sellers.

This book starts of with robert langdon reaching Washington in the idea that he is gonna present a lecture on masons at the capitol building. only when he reaches the building he realizes that he had walked unwittingly into a trap from which his escape seemed impossible. there is a double responsibility shouldered on robert. he has to save his friend peter solomon from the jaws of death as well as protect the secrets that have been hidden with mastery by the masonic brotherhood. there begins the action. 

The one night seems long and unending for him. the hidden and fascinating mysteries of the ancient symbols hidden in america are interesting and gripping. the story keeps us rooted to the book till the last. 

but i have to say one thing. the sequence of events in this book kept reminding me of da vinci code. it has a lot of scenes like in da vinci code and the order of events too were almost same. and the final parts were becoming monotonous.not his best book for sure.

but it is surely worth a read 😀

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