Civil engineering is the mother of all engineering say some. I’d say civil engineering is the other name for innovation. One sees innovations coming up in all new constructions around us. Each and every building rising around us have a unique feature in them and are each a marvel. Nowadays “spectacular” is the bench mark for any new construction. 

If we take the world’s tallest man made wonder every one can immediately name burj kalifa. The unique feature in this is the height and looks. But we all know that engineers don’t stop with one endeavor. He tries to break his own record. Now the plan to construct the building taller than this is underway. Another wonder is the capital gate of Abu Dhabi. Though it is a mind blowing wonder it was not as popularized as the previous one. This capital gate was built as the “world’s farthest leaning man made tower”. Civil engineers have creators of today’s world and taken the nature’s job in their hands. The artificial palm islands of Dubai stand an example for this. The recent Indian wonder is the bandra worli sea link. One can go on listing the recent marvels of civil engineering.  

A big salute to the engineers who have put in a lot of effort to build these wonders and set new bench marks for others to cross in construction field.

Here is one poster that I and my friend designed to explain.


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